Hello Wojtek, how are you doing?
Hi. To be honest – it’s 5 day of my illness – just high temperature – nothing else, no covid. I don’t remember that I was sick so long, so I have enough of this and I took some LEGAL herbs with Scotch, and now I can answer your questions 🙂

Please tell us about your hometown/city where you live..?
My hometown is Bytom – it’s an old town in Silesia state in Poland, with lots of history. I grew up here and now after many years, I appreciate this city because except for true nature we’ve got everything in here. There are places where it is very loud or quiet, there is many ‘culture’ here, starting from opera ending with music pubs or museums, lot’s of sports from golf to judo clubs and from the airport you are near the mountains. When I visit other cities, in other countries – I appreciated my hometown more and more. Too bad that most of the people sucks..

How the band got started?
I was playing in another band, the bandname was toxic. They truly believed that if they will play a lot of gigs, be the best musicians ever the success is obvious! They forgot the basics – the friendship. I was no one in that band, I wasn’t a great guitar player. I’ve asked my friend – do you remember how the drums look like? – Last time he was playing was 25 years ago. So, let’s have the party start. The borders were open, great Polish music talents migrated to the west, leaving Poland with some old fashion music bands and low-level music. Yes, this is my chance – C’mon you know what I mean – the level has levelled off! 🙂 Just in case – me and my friend called the band hopeless… Fuck that, U2 has no talent so we don’t need it too, right? Let’s play with no pressure, from our souls, and from our condition in that late-night moment. Well someone believed in us – so we have a bassist. Hey – it’s working!

What does the band name mean? Why you Guys choose this name for a band?
We’re playing rock’n roll – who cares how we do it? Everything was invented before so no one doesn’t criticize us for music – they all ask us about the name of a band. So now you don’t forget us 🙂 Maybe it’s a style of marketing?

Please tell us about the album; Tanczysz z Pijanymi /Dancing with the drunk…that Just is released?

The material we had was a lot, but we had no money on a band account, no sponsor, but a great moment for recording an album because of Covid. Our friend which has a professional studio offered us low-cost recording, but it may take some time because he will mix us between other bands. It took us 1,5 years, but a lot of time to fixe it. How long can you record with 3 members of a band? 🙂

How was the album received by press and fans?
I don’t know. I don’t get it. Everyone who listens to the album is just nice or they don’t want to tell us the truth. The problem is that we need to force you to listen to this, and you say positive about it, but we’re not a rock band off the top that you could hear about us everywhere.

Is it possible to play live concerts in Poland at the moment? And do you Guys have any shows in the agenda,?
Yes, no problem with playing a concert, but it depends on how much you want to pay? Sure, you can beg a PUB to play a concert, even they will pay you some money. You can play in the clubs, but you must pay THEM for the concert. You can have a good manager but I’ve never met any. We’re keepers for Rock ‘N Roll, maybe someday the fashion will come back. Right now, if you don’t fire from your ass flashing colors – you are not entertainment.

How your family, friends and band members came through these crazy Times we are in calling Covid since 1,5 years..?Thank God for the band.. Everything was closed, the government scared a lot of people. We had a meeting – sound trials – 2 times per week. The band saved us and all the people which came to us, just for having a conversation. We had our own club. Even people were having a birthday party during our meeting.

What are some of your favorite bands?
Britpop was the first time when I took a guitar and sing. So Oasis was the first. I’m Impressed by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and all the American postpunk and British punk bands. Of course we have a few in Poland like Illusion or Czech Krücipusk.
And the top of the shelf will be U.S. Christmas – which will be a direction for me.

How is the rock scene in Poland at the moment? And is rock music still popular in Poland?
It depends on what the great managers will decide. Punk rock is having a second life, but they trying to us torture us with homemade melodies, hip hop and disco polo – these two never die. The music for the masses not for listeners is most welcome.

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox…?
Hey folks If you ever wanna come to us, we’d like to invite you! You’ll be welcomed to our little concert club – Gotyk Pub Bytom. Maybe we will be able to come to you 🙂 I’m truly honored that you’ve read this interview, it’s a great opportunity to be so close to you. Take care and set on rock ‘n roll

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