Hello Gertie, busy with Harnbarg Metalfest 2023. How things are going so far…..?

First off all thank you for the email, yes very busy with HMF 2023 its going well and maybe we have some suprises upcoming in the coming months.

The Line-Up is really great. Memoriam, God Dethroned, Entrails, Beast, DeadHead, 1914 etc. Please tell us about the bands you found to play Harnbarg Metal Fest this year.

Thank you!  We try to create a line up with bands wich are populair in the metal scene and upcoming bands like : SUSPECT HOSTILE, NECROTESQUE, SUN OF THE SUNS, BURIAL REMAINS and have a good mix what we think the people like! 

The Festival will be held in October this year. After all summer festivals are gone. There will be this Metalfest. Do you think this is the right time to organise a festival like this?

We think this is the right time because its indoor and we have nice prices for the people who like a extra fest after the season! 

Where the metalheads can find all the info about the festival and ticket sales?

The metalheads can find info on the harnbarg metalfest Facebook page and ticket info on; www.harnbargmetalfest.nl

Are there some good hotels, B&B in the surroundings of Hardenberg to stay for the Night?

Yes, there are B&B’s and some hotels in the area you can find this on google. Within 6 weeks there will be more info about this, just like the info about a shuttle van from the trainstation and back.

How did you get in Contact with your Sponsor Grolsch, a known Dutch Beer from Enschede?

We needed beer so I contacted Grolsch because it’s very populair here and ask if they are interested in sponsoring us and they said yes!

How is the metal scène nowedays in Hardenberg, Coevorden, Almelo  Overijssel? We know that Altar came from this Area?

In the early years the metalscene was great overhere. But because the last five,six years it was very quite over here with Metal Shows, we try with HMF to turn the tide.

How long you are already a metalhead and how did you get into listening to metal music?

I think 30 years now, it started with; Normaal,Kiss, later Metallica,Iron Maiden and than to Death,Thrash & Black metal.

What are some of your favorite bands then and nowedays?


Any last word to the readers of Bonavox.nl?

I hope lots of readers of this interview order tickets and if you like Black Metal than you are on Friday the 13th of October on the right place at Harnbarg Metalfest with; NAZGHOR, HELLERUIN, PURNAMA,PROVECTUS,ASGRAUW and more !!!Check the ticketinfo on www.harnbargmetalfest.nl and I hope to see you all during the HMF weekend!!

Memoriam one of the bands that play this years HMF