Bert Trenning, a radio dj from The Netherlands, working for Florida, USA based: Metal Messiah Radio…Read what he has to say…

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Hello Bert, How are you doing at the moment

Hello Heiko im doing fine, just a pity that the summer is done for this year haha.

 Can you tell us something about Metal Messiah Radio

Well Metal Messiah started in 2008 with the concept and logo from the owner Jean Paul Torres and is located in or near Miami Florida but the station works worldwide with djs from india mexico and other countrys.

 How did you get in touch with the owner of this American (USA) based radio station

Well I was always a member from another radiostation but after a discussion about bands and freedom of speech I left that station (I dont wanna read juden raus as a title from a song) so i was searching for an onother station and I came to the Metal Messiah Radio site and it was love in the first second and thats 3 years ago and there is an lovely person named Cyn Smith, she asked me if I didn’t want to become a dj haha and at first I was flabbercasted ,,huh what me ?? but after 3 months of thinking I said yes and so I started to be a dj for Metal Messiah Radio and that was I believe march 2014.

 Can you tell us something about your own radio show, how is it called, and when are you broadcasting your show on Metal Messiah Radio

My show I have 2 shows. 2 hours on monday from 6pm till 8pm eurotime and 3 hours on wednesday from 12pm till 3 pm eurotime,,,my show on monday I am calling Double Dutch simply cos this is 2 hours pure Dutch metal bands and the wednesday is called bertofest and that means an international metal mix .

 Where or how can the metalheadz listen to Metal Messiah and your own show

That’s simple just type or google Metal Messiah Radio,,,,would be nice if i see new people in chat .

 Do you have other hobby’s beside doing your metal shows

Yes, drinking beer while having BBQ and listen Metal Messiah Radio haha, but serious I love to promote bands that’s the biggest hobby I have and that’s all for the love of metal music!

 What are a few of your own favorite bands

That are a lot, but some bands are Nile, Inhume, Vader, Prostitute Disfigurement, Obituary, Izegrim and lots more…

 You are from Musselkanaal, that is the North East of The Netherlands, near the German Border. How is the metal scene in your erea

Well nothing… We had a living metal scene in the 80’s and 90’s with a lot of local bands but it’s all gone and I hope of a revival cos my good friend Hugo Koch is the organiser of the old school heavy metal festival called Very Eavy here in my town and I can tell you that it is a great happening here with metal fans from all around the globe as visitors that come to Very Eavy Festival each year…

Do you have a last word to the readers of Bonavox Magazine

Keep the horns up and stay metal..cheers to you all.