Interview with the ‘Metal’ Family from Tampa, Florida. Check them out on:
Please tell us where you as a family live and tell us something about the city/village you live in..?
We live in Southwest Florida. We live close to the beach, and we are about a hundred miles from Tampa which is the capital of death metal!
How did the most metal family on internet came into being?
When Ashton was six he said he wanted to be a YouTube star, and he got a drum set for Christmas. After years of the kids watching me recording songs myself I started writing songs with Ashton. A few years later Trent wanted to join in on the fun, and here we are today a family grindcore band!
Please tell us mister Jason H. Daddy from the family how you got into listening and playing Metal..?
When I was in middle School I met some kids who listened to Metallica and Slayer and I instantly fell in love with metal. When I was 16 I had a friend who played guitar. My dad wouldn’t buy me a bass guitar. My friend’s dad lent me his old clunker of a bass. I played that bass all night long every night until my dad bought me my own bass. I was in several bands as the bassist and singer until the kids were born. That is when I switched to guitar.
And how did you get the children involved in listening and playing metal music?
They’ve been listening to metal since they were in the womb. We went to a lot concerts while Mommy was pregnant. They grew up with it.
What about ‘Mommy’ is she also into metal music?
Of course she is! We met at a Black Dahlia Murder concert. Now we go to concerts as a family! We are going to see Slayer in the summer!
Is there any chance that you will form a band or release an album?
We are a band called Mommy’s lil Monsterz! We are actually playing a few shows this summer, and are recording an album right now! The album should be out in a few months!
What are some of your “family’s” favorite metal bands..?
The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon, Magrudergrind, Napalm Death, D.R.I., Slayer.
Do you have a last word to the readers of  ?
Stay metal! Never stop grinding! Thank you so much for your interest! That was a lot of fun!