Interview with Anlo Front, Female vocalist in Frontback from Sweden….

Dear Anlo Front, how are you doing?

-I´m doing great! We are so excited for the album release!

Please tell us where you live in Sweden and tell us something about the city or town, where you live..?

-I live in the south of Sweden 30 minutes from the music city Växjö!

How is the rock/hardrock/heavy metal scene in your erea..?

-Växjö is a great hardrock town with bands like Bullet, Dynamite and of course Frontback;)


 Please tell us something about the writing process of the new album and recording time in the studio..?

-We have been working on the songs for about a year and recorded the album this spring together with our

record l abel “Dead End Exit/Roastinghouse. Every member of the band gave their soul in the songwriting

process. It was a fun process coming up with these 10 songs!

The new album: “Heart of a Lion” will be released soon, please tell us something about the album and what is it lyrically all about..?

-This album is a very punchy album with a lot of attitude! The songs are about how people act in life, anger,guitars and the general rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle!


Before the album will be released, you will release a single and video-clip called; Dead men on the Road….Please tell us about it and where our readers can watch the video-clip from the new album..?

– This song is about “the dead man on the road” who tells me to believe in what I do. I came up with the chorus line early in the morning and felt that this is a great line! “never cold, always gold that´s my soul, I´ve heard it from a dead man on the road”. I also love everything that is gold 😉 (as you can see on our style!)

We will release it on our website Dec 2nd (, our youtube-channel(, and facebook

when I listen to your voice…I have to tell you that I hear a bit of Geddy Lee, legendary vocalist from Rush in it..Maybe it’s sounding a bit strange but I have this feeling about it when I listen to your voice..?

– Haha, I´ve actually heard that before, I take it as a compliment because he´s a really great and original singer! Thank you!!

When did you start singing and how did you get involved in Frontback..?

I started singing about 15 years ago and after a few years I felt that I wanted to start a rockband, and I created Frontback!

Koffe, Axel and Jonas are great musicians and I feel so blessed to play with these guys!


(Photo,Bjorn Ollson, Redactie, kind regards to the photographer)

What are some of your own favorite bands..?

-I love Foo Fighters, The Hives,Green Day and Royal Republic! My boys in the band are more into Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Rival Sons and Steel Panther;)

Are you planning to tour Europe after the release of the new album..?

– We would love to tour Europe, right now we are planning Germany but no dates are set at the moment.


Where our readers can find all the info about Frontback..?

Our website, Facebook page and Instagram is full of info about the band!

Do you have a last word to the readers of

We hope to see you live somewhere soon and do not forget to listen to our album “Heart of a lion” Release-date January13th 2017!

You can pre-order it here

Rock on!!